Where to Buy a Ring Light Online

In the portrait photography, ring lights are very popular equipment. Place the ring light in front of the body and place the camera in the center of the circle light. The photos taken in this way are often evenly exposed and have few shadows, which are very popular among photographers. Where to buy studio ring light?


studio ring light


Should Buy a Ring Light?

The ring light can also create a special shape of the ring light - this will undoubtedly make the eyes more radiant, especially when taking portraits and facial close-ups.


1. As the Main Light Source

The ring light can be placed in front of the main body, providing "even without dead ends" illumination, but it can also be placed in other locations as an "ordinary" photographic light - provide adequate lighting.


If you need for makeup, this is also a very practical product. Increase the brightness and tilt the lamp toward the main body. Evening light makes your skin tone more symmetrical. If in the live streaming studio, then the role of a ring light will be more obvious. Want to be a top KOL? Create a perfect live studio, better display your products, and buy the best ring light is the first step.


This best ring light for live streaming creates soft and scattered lighting. In the center of the ring there is a mobile phone holder that can hold your phone or camera, and your lens can be directed at the person speaking. The light around the ring can shine evenly across your face.


ring light for live streaming


The special structure of the ring light makes it a source of "self-contained soft box". It may require more parameter debugging (brightness, position, angle, etc.) when it is used, but ring light lighting effect is better than "normal" photography lights.


2. As a Fill Light Source

In addition to acting as a main light, the ring light can also be used as a fill light source, mixed with other studio lights such as photographic lights and flash lamps.


The fill light effect of the ring light is softer than another fill light source. When you need to change the color temperature of the fill light, there is a button on the ring light to easily adjust the color temperature of the LED ring.


It is worth mentioning that the power of the ring light is often inferior to the flash, and you need to adjust the power of the flash.


ring light adjustment


3. As a Decoration

When the ring light is working, it is a bright ring. It has a high of attention and can also be used as an ornament. Most LED lights don't heat up when power is on, they can be used as props for portrait photography to make your photos livelier and more interesting.


ring light decoration

How to Choose the Ring Light with Phone Holder is Best for You?

In addition to understanding the different ring lights, you should also know the keys that help you buy quality ring lights.

Adjustable gimbal

When buying a ring light, make sure that its beam spreads and the direction of propagation is adjustable.


Tripod height

Make sure that the bracket height and phone holder of the ring light is adjustable and durable so that it can be used for shots in a variety of environments.



Which portable ring light you want? There is no portability issue when shooting indoors, but if you're shooting in outdoor, it's important to consider portability.


How Much of Selfie Ring Light

In the end, when you are looking for a good ring light, the price of the product plays a very important role, as does the ring light. If you are looking for professional photography, then you obviously have to spend more. However, if you are looking for the best ring light for your iPhone or a ring light for webcasting, you can choose a cheaper ring light.

AIXPI provides you with high-quality cheap ring light. When you buy more than 10 pcs, you can get a AIXPI ring light wholesale price. Our most popular 10 inch desktop ring light is around US$20. According to the size, the larger the ring light, the more expensive it is. At the same time, the price also depends on the accessories and design of the ring light kit, and the price is about USD20~100. 

Of course, in order to meet the needs of more video blogger, we have designed ring lights at various price stages. You can choose that meets your needs. At the same time, in the ring light accessories, you can also choose and combine parts to assemble your DIY ring lights for live streaming.


AIXPI is the preferred professional ring light for real-time streaming

So, if you want to know which ring light is best for your video recording or photography needs, check out our AIXPI Live Light List. We have a professional ring light design team that provides you with all the lighting parameters of the ring light to help you choose the ring light that suits you best.


With a wide range of models and low prices ring light, professional sales and R&D team and the fastest shipping all over the world is why you choose AIXPI.

aixpi ring light

Where to buy ring lights in store? You can easily choose the AIXPI's selection 10" ring lights for the best, so why only consider or book on Amazon? Maybe you can consider learning more about ring lights from AIXPI before buying. The AIXPI ring light wholesale team is looking forward to your consultation and cooperation.


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