The Best Photography Lighting Kits for Beginners

Before you start looking for the best photography studio lighting kit that suits your needs, you first need to determine what these needs are and what you are willing to spend. There are many different lighting options, all of which can bring you different effects.

photography studio lighting kit

Neewer 800W Photography Lighting Kit

This Neewer lighting kit is for beginners who want to buy photography equipment that is worth. The kit includes four light stands, two single head light stands, four fluorescent lamps, two umbrellas, two soft boxes, a background support system and two bags. The continuous lighting kit is designed to help you to take video and images in different environments.

neewer photography lighting kit

When you buy this photography light kits for product, you will get two bags that are easy to carry. This allows you to practice your photography skills indoors and outdoors. This lighting kit has amazing features that not only help improve skills, but also meet your needs. However, the combination of multiple kits, when you need to complete the photography work alone, the lighting settings may be very heavy for you.

LimoStudio Photography Studio Light Kit

If you are looking for a basic lighting kit to get started, this continuous Softbox lighting kit is a good choice. For less than US$40, it is cost-effective for beginners. You may need to buy a second kit, but even then, the price will not exceed US$100.

The ring light is a great addition to any photographer's lighting tool, perfect for getting the perfect lighting on any product.

Not only can the ring light be used to achieve amazing lighting, but because of its circular design, you can place the camera in the center of the ring light, which basically eliminates the possibility of glare or shadows. This will naturally soften the image and make it more beautiful. If you are a photographer looking for the best photography lighting kit for beginner, then the ring light is one of the options you need to consider.

18-INCH/48CM two-colour Professional Ring Light Photography Kit for Vlog

Looking for the best ring light for video blogs, selfies or makeup? The 18-inch two-colour ring light kit has everything you need at an affordable price.

18 inch aixpi ring light

Adjustable Tripod Stand

Extendable from 19.3 inches to 71 inches, just lock it at desired length for your preferred use, you can stand it on the floor. The 18-INCH size is also suitable for use with smartphone cameras.

adjustable tripod stand

iPad & iPhone Holder

so that you can use our ring light for streaming, photography, YouTube, video shooting and so on.

You can set a mobile phone holder on the 71-inch tripod and there is an iPad holder in the center of the ring light. You can have two installation options of smart phone and professional camera.

18 inch ring light accessories

3 Light Modes 18 Inch Ring Light

The 18 Inch LED ring light is with 3 light modes & adjustable brightness for you choose, meet all your needs in different circumstances. 3 light modes: white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white. It gives out dimmable illumination with no dark shadows.

The color temperature can be adjusted between 3200K and 5600K with the dual-color filter and the ring light. This will enable you to balance the lights with the lights in the scene, suitable for most scenes you might need. The light can be adjusted from 10%~100% for lighting control.

180° Rotation Angle for Ring Light

The adjustable tripod head allows you to find the perfect angle to light your subject, makes your photograph or livestreaming easily.

The kit also includes a portable backpack and a 100~240 AC power adapter.

The price of this photography ring light kit is approximately US$139. For a photographer who wants to buy beginner photography lighting equipment, this is an item that can satisfy most people budget.

10 Inch RGB Ring Light Colorful LED Photography Lamp

If you want to set color to an image or video and want to light up the whole room with cool lights, then the LED color ring light will be the right choice in your list. It has 16 RGB colors and 9 light modes. It also has natural, soft and warm white lighting, imitating the traditional color temperature in natural lighting. It is also equipped with a foldable and telescopic 59-inch tripod, which can be used for half body and whole-body photography in any conditions. 10 inch rgb ring light

Remote Light Control: you don't need to be close to the light and use the remote control to change the light or command the light to move within the chromatographic range.

ring light accessories

The Bottom Line:

Photography beginner need photography lighting equipment so that they can develop their skills and have fun in it. To buy and purchase equipment that suits your needs, you can also try various lighting kits to find your needs. You can find portrait photography lighting and the best photography kit in the AIXPI ring light e-commerce store.


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