How to Use a Small Ring Light

We like natural lighting, but it is not always available for makeup. If you want to create a great video, you need a small beauty ring light. Usually we don't need to buy a big size ring light, it will put a lot of pressure on your dressing table, but also cause economic burden. This article is guide to buy a small ring light with stand for makeup.


small ring light with stand


The circular design of the ring light can provide uniform and soft light, minimize shadows and display the real color. For these reasons, it is an essential tool for beauty artist and vloggers.


How to Use Mobile Phone Clip Small Ring Light?

1. Clip the makeup light on the top of the phone and turn on the switch.

2. Adjust the brightness of the light, there are three levels of light from weak to strong.

3. Adjust the fill ring light color mode according to the scene and needs you want, even if you use this product for the first time, you can easily learn the skills.

4. When charging the clip-on ring light, remove the clip on the charging port of the light supplement to connect to the Android phone charging cable for charging. it is a small ring light, which is enough for you to put in pocket, carry it out, and easily outdoor makeup and Selfie.

clip small ring light


6 Inch Desktop Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

The Small LED Ring Light design has 10 levels adjustable brightness and 3 lighting modes: white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white for you, which can meet all your lighting needs in different situations. 

This fill light has built-in 72 lamp beads, and a diffuser is designed outside the LED lamp beads. When we use it, we don't need to prepare a separate diffuser and other soft box, which saves time. 

The power of 12 watts makes the brightness of light emission very uniform. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the color rendering index of this ring light is greater than 80. For the color rendering index, the larger the value, the better the color rendering, which means that the effect of the light source is closer to the real color of the object. So, when we use this fill light for live broadcast or video recording, whether it is beauty makeup or clothing products, it can show us the original appearance of the product without color difference.

This fill light can support up to 3100K~6500K color temperature adjustment, with a mode switch button, the brightness increases and decreases, a total of 3 buttons are used to adjust. 

It is small size and easy to use. It is suitable for any beginner in photography to makeup and fill up the light for product photography. Its size is harmonious whether it is placed in the suitcase or on the desktop.

This 6 Inch small ring light uses LED2835 high-brightness lamp beads, which can achieve the actual effect of low power consumption, no noise, and extremely low heat. It must be said that the heat dissipation capacity of ABS+PC material is trustworthy.

Small bracket, outdoor vlog recording, multi-scene use: suitable for emergency lighting and photography fill light.

It can use whenever you need extra lighting for makeup, selfie, making videos, reading books and for online real-time streaming!

 6 inch ring light

6.3 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

The diameter of the ring light is 6.3 inches, which is suitable for personal use. It has three color temperature settings: 3200K (warm light), 4500K (cold light) and 6500k (daylight). Each lighting mode has 10 brightness levels, 10%~100% brightness range allowing you to have very fine better choose the brightness and color temperature of the lighting.

6.3 inch ring light


Telescopic Stand

Its tripod extends between 3.14 and 39 inches, which makes it the shortest tripod in our guide. If you want to use it for desktop makeup, you can adjust the telescopic bracket to the shortest length and place it on the desktop. If you want to use it for photography or selfies, you can stretch it to the suitable length and place it on the ground so that it shines on your face.

As a Floor Lamp

The ring light can be used as a floor lamp next to the bed for reading or night lighting in the living room. It is also very suitable for creating your yoga or fitness video tutorial.


floor ring light


As a Desk Lamp

This ring light can be used as a table lamp for your dressing desk or other online teaching.


It is powered by USB, which means you don't need to plug it into a wall socket. The function of using a ring light connected to a computer or power bank makes it very easy to use when shooting outdoors. And you only need to carry one more power bank.


Its 10-brightness level, three modes color temperature, USB power solution and smartphone clip make it a good choice in most situations.


Most photography lighting kits are not cheap. Fortunately, with the best selfie ring light, you can make beautiful videos and beautiful selfies in poor light environments. These lights provide well-scattered light and provide the best brightness. The selfie ring light is an excellent alternative to natural lighting.



The above small ring light for streaming can only provide enough lighting for one person or a small area. If you have a large studio, beautiful scenery or background wall, it is best to get a few LED ring light and place them in different directions in the studio or buy a ring light of at least 18 inches or more.


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