How to Choose the Best Ring Light in 2021

"How to better show the products online?" Fill light is a type of light used to compensate for the lack of illumination of equipment or plants. It is important to choose a ring light that can show the perfect shooting effect, so how to buy a ring lights for selfies in 2021? Let's have a look.

ring lights for selfies in 2021

Lighting Solutions for Photography

The main lighting for live video is best to use a light with a wide range of color temperature and brightness adjustment for shooting. If a strong light is used for live, it will not only make the protagonist feel dazzling, but also the shadows produced will affect the shooting.

The ring light for streaming can provide good uniform and soft lighting, while reducing the impact of halo and shadow on shooting. When used as the main light, it can beautify and brighten the subject and create better color effects.

Compared with the soft box, the selfie ring light is cost-effective. The advantage is that it occupies a small area and is equipped with a pan/tilt to provide a fixed interface for smartphones and cameras, which is convenient for shooting from multiple angles.

If you want to create the prime studio at any time, we will sort out some of the top ring lights 2021 for your works.

LED Ring Light 10" with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder Bluetooth

The 10 inch desktop ring light provides an economical way to take advantage of enhanced lighting, and comes with a tripod and phone holder, which is perfect for content creators.


10 inch ring light


You can choose between three color modes: white, warm yellow and warm white, 10 adjustable brightness levels. Natural, soft and warm white lighting mimics the traditional color temperature used under natural and artificial lighting conditions.

The USB port also means that you can power it at home from a power source such as a PC or wall socket, and you can also use a laptop or mobile power bank when outdoor.

Mini LED Ring Light 6" with Tripod Stand for YouTube Video and Makeup

It provides a healthy balance between a portable selfie ring light and a tripod, and is most suitable for more professional selfies, thus providing convenience for those who need a free-standing dressing table or desk. It is a convenient table lamp, work as a night light for children or reading lamp.

Overall, you can choose between three lighting modes: white, warm yellow and warm white, there are 10 brightness levels to adjust. This design is not as same as including a phone holder in the ring, but it is ideal for those who want to separate them.

 6 inch ring light


AIXPI Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket for Live, Makeup

Ring lights are great, but unless you are sitting on a table, you may have a hard time finding a surface or enough space to mount a tripod. The Lazy Bracket Selfie Ring Light solves this problem by providing you with a flexible clamp, which means you can install the light almost anywhere-the edge of the shelf, the window, the radiator, the interior of the car.

The clip also has a second bendable arm that can hold your camera and phone, so it can be strictly used as an adjustable ring light or a dedicated smartphone setting. The light can be adjusted to 3 colors to match daylight or artificial conditions, and the brightness can also be adjusted.

selfie ring light with lazy bracket

18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit with Tripod & Carry Bag

AIXPI 18-inch ring light kit provides everything needed for content creation, including color filters, carry bag, etc.

The camera LED SMD ring light comes with 240 LED bulbs with a stepless dimming range from 1% to 100%.

Comes with white and orange color filters: The included filters are used to change the shooting effect, including enhancing skin in portraits, using white filters to soften the light source, and orange filters to simply change the color temperature to 3200K~5500k.


18 inch ring light


Top Ring Light Brand 2021

AIXPI is a professional manufacturer of LED ring lights, integrating product development, production, and sales. If you are a merchant, you can get the factory price from AIXPI.

Secondly, from the perspective of quality, AIXPI ring light sell well at Europe and America, have trademarks and patents, and meet the industry standards of China, the European Union and the United States. Each product has been personally inspected by humans to ensure the quality of the led ring light, so its durability and safety the level far exceeds other ring lights of the same level in the industry.

From the perspective of portability, the AIXPI mainly designs small size ring light, convenient and easy to fold. The tripod can be folded in the backpack and can be moved for shooting at any time. There is no need to worry about being restricted by the venue and shooting needs.

Neewer is a company specializing in the production and processing of professional photography equipment and equipment parts. Create high-end services with quality, and take the road of innovation with brand.

UBeesize focuses on the LED fill lights, LED ring lights, photography accessories and other products. The company focuses on independent innovation and always maintains good quality.


Online sale needs to create a live studio in advance, so the purchase of ring lights for live streaming is particularly critical. There are tips for choosing selfie ring light reviews 2021. While ensuring quality, preferential prices are also our thinking points for purchase, and convenient use can satisfy more photography ideas.