How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Streaming 2021

If you want to become a social media worker, then you should buy a ring light for your studio. If you are confused about which ring light to buy. Before buying, please review this guide and determine what is the best ring light for streaming in 2021.

ring light for streaming 2021

What to Note When Buying a Ring Light?

1. Classification of Fill Ring Light

Desktop Ring Light

  • Soft light
  • Suitable for close-up selfies or live streaming
  • Cheap, Small and Light
  • Suitable for shooting night scenes and outdoor photography

  • Close-up Photography: the power is small, and the lamp beads number is small, suitable for shooting within 5 meters.

desktop ring light

Floor Stand Ring Light

  • The light is uniform, suitable for shooting full-body photos
  • Powerful function, good fill light effect,
  • The price is more expensive and the large light area
  • Suitable for art studio or video shooting
  • Long-distance shooting: the power is large, and the lamp beads number is more, which is suitable for shooting large scenes.

floor stand ring light

2. Color Temperature of the Ring Light

3 modes of color temperatures can be adjusted, cool or warm colors can be adjusted. The color temperature can be adjusted between 3200k~6200k to increase the diversity of the ring light during use. Users can easily switch different color temperatures during the shooting by simply using the button to create more creative photographic works.

The higher the color rendering index (CRI), the higher the color reproduction. The ring light with a CRI greater than 92 can make the photo close to the true color.

3. The Power Supply of the Ring Light

Battery power supply: It can be used by installing AA batteries or lithium batteries, but it needs charging, and the waste batteries are not friendly to the environment.

USB power supply: connect the power cord to use for a long time; suitable for indoor shooting.

It can be used when connected to a computer, notebook, power bank, etc., most electronic devices can charge the USB fill ring light, and you will be able to enjoy LED ring light at any time freely, suitable for indoor or outdoor shooting.

usb ring light

As long as you have the best ring light for live streaming, then you become a professional KOL and makeup artist is no longer a dream.

What is the Best Light for Studio Videos:


These softbox lights have different shapes, but usually have a square or rectangular shape, and may also be in the shape of an umbrella.

It is more widely used in product, food, portrait and professional photography. You need basic lighting settings, and have a certain understanding of lighting.

Use the diffuser to create natural light, and the coverage is widely suitable for studio video blogs, or if you want to make product reviews on the YouTube channel, this softbox is the best.

Ring Light

Ring lights are the most popular lights among photography beginners or makeup artists. These lights provide the smoothest lighting and are very affordable for SNS content creators and beginner artists. Your total budget only needs 30~100 dollars to get the professional lighting. The size you choose really depends on what you will use the ring light for, whether your studio has enough space and whether you want to take it with you.

The Most Praised 10 Inch Ring Light

AIXPI L210 10 Inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for YouTube Video

The ring light has 10 brightness settings and 3 modes light (white, warm white, warm yellow). It eliminates all unpleasant shadows and makes you look like a professional makeup artist.

aixpi 10 inch ring light

The ring light should use with a tripod. If you want to make a complete video, then you should choose this ring light. The tripod bracket with it can be adjusted from 14.5 inches to 66.9 inches, and you can freely adjust the angle and height. It can create perfect half-body and full-body videos for you.

10 Inch LED Desktop Selfie Ring Light

Desktop ring fill light is an ideal choice for those who want a multi-function fill light. The ring diameter is about 10 inches, and about 120 LED beads make the light fall evenly on any flat surface. Therefore, it helps to make the subject stand out in contrast, highlights and shadows, so that reducing the amount of editing in post-production.

The ring light with tripod and phone holder is small enough to illuminate your bust and a table, so it is perfect for streaming media, makeup, video conferencing, and can also be used for learning, reading and other purposes.

10 inch desktop ring light

The USB ports can be used with multiple devices, such as connect USB charger, mobile power, computer host and laptop.

AIXPI Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket for Live, Makeup, Dimmable

No matter when, where, and what lighting conditions, as long as you want to take a selfie, you will look flawless. The bracket is a 24-inch long sturdy and flexible gooseneck, which you can bend into any shape or angle.

selfie ring light with phone lazy bracket

Comes with a 360-degree rotating bracket clip that can be clipped to any desktop, so you can use it hands-free. It is small and easy to store, and can be placed in any backpack, no matter where you are, it can provide you with the best lighting.

The 30-level adjustable color temperature of this portable ring light supports 3200k~6000k. It is not only a great choice for selfies, but also can make live videos, make-up or take photos of other people or objects regardless of the live studio.


If you are creating video or live streaming indoor, it is recommended to use fill ring light. Although the softbox has a good effect and is more professional, but it is not convenient to install and remove. The ring light has the same effect as most fill light, and it is small size, simple disassembly, simple lighting setting, and affordable price. The above is a guide on how to choose LED selfie ring light for live stream for 2021.

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