How to Choose the Best Ring Light for Product Photography

In any product photography, accurate color is very important. Many customers buy products based on the colors shown in your product image. If the product received by the customer does not match in terms of color, the customer will be disappointed. Make sure that the photography lights and flashes you use can make the product display true colors. How to Use a Ring Light for Product Photography?


ring light for product photography


Ring Light VS Softbox for Product Photography

The softbox is more professional, the light is softer and more natural. Its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to install. If the working space is small, installation and disassembly will be even more inconvenient. Softbox, which is a kind of continuous light, uses high-brightness LED bulbs as the main light source.


The fill ring light is made of a circle of LED beads, so it can project even light on people and product, making it an ideal light source for food and product photography. Small size, uniform light and easy installation.


Use ring lights to achieve amazing lighting, and thanks to its circular design, you can place the camera in the center of the lighting, which basically eliminates the possibility of glare or shadows. This will naturally soften the image and make it more beautiful.


Ring Light CRI for Product Photography

The ring light will expose every part of the product you are shooting while still separating it from the background. The result is a clear, bright image that really makes the product stand out.


Many ring lights can achieve a color rendering index of more than 90%, and a stepless dimming range of 1-100%, which adds more possibilities to your product photography lighting. The ring light comes with a diffuser to ensure that the light is evenly distributed in your product to maintain the true color of the product.

color rendering index


Why you choose LED ring light for your product shooting: this kind of ring light is easy to disassembly and convenient to use in small photography studios.

The advantages of ring lights and softbox for e-commerce product shooting compared with flash light, you can see the final lighting effect in real time during the setting of the scene.


Ring Light for Front Lighting

The best front arrangement is to place the ring light far away from the product. The softness of the light depends on the position of the ring light and the object. It will not be as dazzling as a spotlight. Then, you shoot product through the center of the ring light.


product lighting


If you just opened an e-commerce website, how to use the easiest way to take attractive pictures of your products can refer to this guide A 6-Step Guide to Natural Lighting for DIY Product Photography


Ring lights are great for product photography, but remember that it is difficult to take pictures of eye-catching color products. This is because they may cause many parts to be exposure. Try to lower the exposure. If you find that the ring lights lighting are not enough, you can use head lights for additional filling.


The Best Ring Light for Product Photography

Ring Light 10" with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder for Desktop Camera

This is the AIXPI L218 10 Inch ring light, which can easily help your makeup, vlogging, take pictures and videography. Because its brightness can be adjusted, the LED ring light is widely used in photography, close-up portraits, live broadcast lighting, videography, and stage lighting.


The packaging of this product comes with a universal phone holder with high compatibility. Therefore, you can use this phone holder on many different brands and models of smartphones and cameras. In order to provide the precise picture, this ring light tripod is adjustable in height, which can meet your shooting needs for a variety type of products on sale.


L218 10 inch ring light

Ring Light 18" with Tripod Stand, 3 Light Modes 2700-5500K with Carry Bag for Camera

If you want to use AIXPI dimmable ring light for professional photography, the 18-inch ring light kit is also equipped with white and orange filters, a 360-degree rotating smartphone holder, and a tripod with a safety locking system.


This option has a diameter of 18 inches ring light, which is ideal for large spaces studio and shooting where sufficient lighting is required. It is large enough to place a mobile phone or DSLR camera in the ring centre, and is made of a standard threaded ball head, which can be mounted on any tripod. Finally, its bracket can adjust between 19 inches and 71 inches, so when put it on the floor, you can perfectly shine light on your photography table top.

18 inch stepless dimming ring light


For beginner photographers or lovers of product shooting, led fill ring light is the ideal choice. Because it is simple and easy to setup, the cost is not high, and very practical, for product shooting, selfie portrait fill light, video creation and live streaming for online sale can satisfy the fill lighting effect.


Finally, for product photography with ring light, the very popular brands are AIXPI and Neewer. There is a price difference between the two, AIXPI tends to allow more low-budget beginners to buy the mostcheap ring light for photography. Being in product photography on a low budget, it only costs $19.9.


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