LED Phototherapy Light Touch Switch 2-Shift Dimming Happy Light(US)
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LED Phototherapy Light Touch Switch 2-Shift Dimming Happy Light(US)

❥【LED, UV-FREE, FULL SPECTRUM LIGHTDelivers up to 10,000 lux (light level) intensity for effective light therapy.

❥【PERSONALIZED SETTINGS This light therapy lamp offers 2 brightness levels for maximum comfort.

❥【SLEEK, MODERN TABLET DESIGNRefined styling with a smooth rubber reinforcing trim and innovative detachable weighted base stand – lightly textured.

❥【IMPROVE SLEEP, MOOD, FOCUS, ENERGYBright light from the HappyLight Lumi light therapy lamp provides signals to the body to help you feel energized, focused, and revitalized.

❥【SAFE AND NATURAL LIGHT THERAPYNon-invasive and drug-free; perfect for office workers, seniors, shift work, jet lag, insomnia, and sunlight deprivation.

Why should you choose AIXPI Therapy Lamp:

♥ Daylight
Features the same 6500K color temperature of natural sunlight to help fight winter blues, jet lag, work shift.
♥ Energy
Our eyes are engineered for outside light conditions. The retina has light receptors wired to our brain that respond positively to natural light.
♥ Intensity
The recommended light intensity is 10,000 Lux to emulate a bright sunny day. We deliver healthy, eye-caring, natural light that lifts your mood.
♥ Benefits

Elevates Your Mood, offers more light , increase focus, become more energy and happier.

♥ Adjustable Brightness:

Choose between 2 brightness levels on your HappyLight Lumi light therapy lamp.

♥ Simple and Easy to Use

Soft touch on/off button and touch sensitive adjustable brightness make operation simple and easy.

♥ Portable and Durable

Detachable stand and the tablet design packs flat for on-the-go lifestyles.


Light size: 144 * 140 * 10mm

Net weight: 0.18kg

Box size: 183 * 175 * 44mm

Gross weight: 0.35kg  

User manual: English

USB cable: 1.5m

Package included:

1 x Light Therapy Lamp

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Guide

Quick User Guide:
1) Turn it on: Place the light on the stand, set up in a convenient location like a desk or table top and turn it on.
2) Adjust: Find a comfortable distance where you are facing the lamp, but not look directly into it.
3) Re-Energize: When adjusting the brightness, we suggest using a low brightness level for a period 10 minute at first use.