3X 45X Handheld Reading Magnifier Lens Jewelry Loupe Magnifying Glass
New Loepen Vergrootglas 3 Led Lights 3X 45X Plastic Handheld Reading Magnifier Lens Jewelry Loupe Magnifying Glass In Magnifer
A Smart Looking Magnifier For You:
A magnifying glass can come in handy when you are reading the fine prints in a book, doing close-up work with your favorite hobby or completing tasks where precision matters. You can even use it to make out small text on those pesky pill bottles. 

Good Magnification with 3X 45X:
Crystal Glass Lens creates good levels of clarity comparing with common acrylic lens, with Prevention from spinning wounded. 3X magnification is well designed for seniors, students, professionals, people with low vision and macular degeneration. 45X magnification is perfect for examining extremely small texts, images, and objects. 

3 LED Lights That Provides Good Illumination:
The bright light shines on what you are reading, so you don't have to move around to find light and hold the glass just right to focus. The batteries are very convenient to change even someone with limited hand mobility could change them. 

Comfortable Focal Length:
Different magnifications have different focal lengths. The focal length of this 3X magnification magnifier is about 1.2 inch to 3.1 inch (30mm-80mm). If the focal length exceeds about 3.1 inch, image and text may be distorted. 

Light Weight Handheld Magnifier 
Comfortable handle with only 5.8oz Weight. No more suffering arm fatigue when reading for a long time. 

- Diameter of 3X lens: 2.75in. (70mm) 
- Diameter of 45X lens: 0.87in. (22mm)
- Size(L*W*H): 0.75" x 0.35" x 0.14inches (19x9x3.5mm) 
- Weight: 4.26oz. (121g) 
- 3 bright LED lights - Can be used as a flashlight 
- Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) 

Packing List: 
- 1 x 3X 45X Magnification Magnifying Glass 
- 1 x User Manual