Wireless LED Touch Light Wall Emergency Light (Black)
Product ID:3608802
LED Push light Touch light Battery type 6 LED for Toilet, Bedroom Pedlight, Wireless Wall hanging kitchen light, Car extension lighting, Double-sided tape Emergency Power Light
[Product Name]: Wireless LED Touch Light
[Size]: Diameter 9CM (light emitting area diameter about 6CM) [Thickness]: about 2.3CM
[Color]: You can choose from both white and black colors
[Material]: Combustion-proof ABS plastic acrylic (LED light emitting lid part)
[Power supply type]: 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
[Light color type]: warm color (3LED) & cool color (3LED) & 6LED all light (brightness adjustable).
[Control method]: Just touch the front of the LED light

[Easy installation & complete wireless]: 
"3M tape & screw fixing": 3M tape and fixing screws are attached to the product. When attaching to the surface of wood, it can be fixed with tape and screws. For plastic metal surface installation, 3M double-sided tape can be easily attached. 

[Energy saving & long-time lighting]: The push light has AA x 3 battery power, and if the battery is set, the light can be lit continuously for about 48 hours. (Depending on the usage environment, the time the battery has depends on the light intensity installed.) 

[Easy to replace the battery] When the battery runs out, it is very easy to replace it. ), Remove the cover at the rear of the LED push light and replace the battery easily.

[Used in various places]: "Small size" LED push light is easy to install, no extra wiring required & battery operated (no USB power or power cord required) & touch operation, etc. Can. It is a very convenient light that can be installed immediately, even in small places, such as lockers and closets. When you want to use it, the more you install it, the more it can be installed in various places such as home use & business use & kitchen & car track light & chase & closet. Easy to install with double-sided tape & screws in closets & work rooms & trucks & red january rooms & cabinets & trucks, minimizing space limitations.

[4-Pattern Light Emitting Method]: The touch light can be selected from warm & cool & all 6 LEDs (high and low light can be adjusted).