What is the Best Ring Light for Zoom Meeting

Because of the 2020 epidemic disease, your life and work may involve more video conferencing. zoom can do this job. If you can't keep the best condition on the zoom camera, then you will not be able to motivate your work. To make yourself look energetic on the camera, you need reliable, uniform light so that the camera can pick it up easily. This article will guide how to buy the best ring light for zoom calls on laptop?

 ring light for zoom calls

Why use a Ring Light in Zoom Calls?

1. Better Skin Condition

The light is too bright or not enough, and the skin of the characters shown is very poor, appearing unprofessional in colleagues or workplaces. The function of the ring light is to give the lens a softer and brighter light to show a more even, full complexion.


2. Faster Focusing

In the case of insufficient lighting, we will adjust the exposure by adjusting the aperture, shutter and ISO to obtain better picture quality.

In a low light environment, the use of the selfie ring light can increase the brightness of the ambient light by continuing to fill the light, allowing the camera to more easily complete the focusing.


3. Brightness and Color Temperature can be Adjusted Freely

The brightness of the ring light can be adjusted at any time. The light source of the ring light is softer than that of the flash, and it is not even necessary to install a diffuser and a soft umbrella lamp when using.

 brightness and color temperature


The Best Size Ring Light for Zoom

AIXPI 10" Ring Light for Ring Light for Video Conferencing

It is a good way to get a portable desktop ring light for home video conferencing.


The Best Lighting for Home Video Conferencing

AIXPI provides you with a series of ring light kits that meet your home office meeting needs. This 10-inch LED ring light has three color temperature settings and 10 brightness levels, an adjustable tripod head, and is compatible with almost all devices from iPhone to professional cameras.


There are 3 different light mode, so you can change the appearance during video chats. Your lighting will make you look more energetic, better and more professional at work.

ring light 3 lighting mode


Easy and Convenient

The AIXPI LED ring light is very convenient. It is small and compact and can do its best. LED lights are truly energy efficient, so you will not have any environmental burden. Since it can be charged in the USB port, so it can be powered wherever you need it, as long as you have a mobile power bank.

 easy and convenient


6” LED Ring Light Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

This detachable ring light with selfie stick is designed with a stand compatible with any device and can be seamlessly connected to a mobile phone, iPad or SLR camera, so you can get the best lighting in any online meeting.

 ring light selfie stick


It is also compact and lightweight, so you can use it on a desktop or assembled into 8-42-inch floor stand. The retractable stand makes it easy to carry and suitable for outdoor use. If you often work outdoors or rely on your mobile phone to complete your creative work, you may actually prefer to use this small size ring light, a flexible stand, and you can enter the professional studio no matter where you are.


skin more beautiful


Stock up on these affordable lights and give them as gifts to your friends and colleagues. Whether they are beauty bloggers, selfie enthusiasts, or people who often participate video conferences, it is perfect as a Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or New Year gifts.


How to Set the Ring Lights for Meeting Room?

Turn on the Light and Put it in the Right Place

One of the easiest ways to improve personal facial lighting is to turn on any available light and place it behind the camera, this might mean moving the ring light. If all the available lights are fixed in place, then moving the laptop or camera.

 set ring lights for meeting room


LED ring light can further enhance the professionalism of conference videos, and it is very easy to place and can be set at any time. You can use 2 ring lights as the main light and auxiliary light on laptop to create an amazing accent reflection lighting effect.

And how to set the ring light for video, you can refer to my previous blog

How to Use Ring Light to Make Videos

The chapter <How to Use a Ring Light for Video?> can help you.


Layout the Background

Ideally, you can find some decoration. Close door and try not to shoot in front of the window.


Test your conference application, Zoom camera before the next call

Please follow the steps below:

Log in to the Zoom client.

Click your profile picture, then click Settings.

Click the Video tab.

You will see a preview of the camera and can select other cameras as needed.

 aixpi ring light kit



With the fill selfie ring light, you can show your best working energetic in front of your work partners and stand out in new jobs and equipment. Are you ready to own the AIXPI ring light kit? You can not only use lighting for zoom meetings, but also for those perfect selfies you take outdoors.



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