What is the Best Ring Light for Vlogging

The ring light with beautifying lighting can easily make the video effect in front of the lens better. At present, LED video ring light is very popular in the live broadcast industry and wedding shooting. How to choose the best ring light vlogging kit?

 ring light vlogging kit

The LED ring light beauty light designed for photography needs such as live streaming, beauty and makeup, wedding photography, and self-portrait! 2835 LED high-brightness beads as the light source, while providing high-brightness and high-resolution light source, it also has 3 color temperature options. At the same time, it supports wireless remote control, USB power supply, and standard accessories for ring light kit for different shooting needs. These are the basic requirements for choosing a ring light for vlog.


Why do You Need Ring Light for Vlogging?

1. Selfie ring light - beauty comes out!

AIXPI LED TikTok make-up light based on bright light source and unique ring design, not only can bring a unique eyeball aperture, but also make the face lighting more uniform, more three-dimensional, and bring filling light to the skin, Make the skin fairer and smoother!

 selfie ring light

2. Reach beauty anywhere

Considering that the users of LED ring lights are mostly women, in addition to ensuring quality in the overall design, it is also necessary to consider the simplicity and convenience in actual operation. Therefore, portable functions such as wireless remote control, USB power supply, stepless dimming, and universal interface are all integrated. Serve your beauty anytime, anywhere.


The small-sized, lightweight ring light can be easily packed into a backpack, and is equipped with an external high-grade diffuser to make the highlight light softer and more uniform, which is more suitable for beauty vlogging, wedding, selfie makeup, etc.


3. More accessories for different needs

The AIXPI ring light is designed with a 1/4-inch mini ball head in the center of the ring light, which can be used to fix accessories such as makeup mirrors, mobile phones, and SLR cameras. Whether it is a mobile phone or a DSLR, ring lights of any size and model, each type can meet your needs.


Which Ring Light Does YouTuber Use for Vlogging?

YouTubers Vlog uses ring lights, which are somewhat different from camera ring lights designed for macro photography. These are usually LED lights with brackets that allow the camera, smartphone in the middle of the light.

YouTubers vlog

In the makeup vlog, in order to show the details of the facial, it is recommended that the brightness adjust to 50%, the color temperature should be adjusted to 3800k~4500k, to create soft light, and the color reproduction can reach 90%.


What Size Ring Light for Vlogging?

Broader lights produce a softer light. Common sizes on buyer are 10, 14, and 18-inches, and they all perform well. The 10-inch is best when you only want a face shot. If you have the budget get an 18-inch ring light since this will give you more flexibility and larger range of lighting.


1. 18-Inch Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

Ring Light 18" with Tripod Stand, Dimmable LED Ring Light 3 Light Modes 2700-5500K with Carry Bag.

The 18" led ring light is with 3 light modes & adjustable brightness for you choose, meet all your needs in different circumstances. 3 light modes: white, warm yellow, warm yellow + white. It gives stepless dimming with no dark shadows. Different distances of lights show highlights in your eyes; Facial features are enhanced under constant lighting for a more three-dimensional look and make you more engaging.

 18 inch ring light


2. 10-inch Ring Light with Tripod

10-inch ring light is more popular in travel or personal video vlogging. It's easy to set up, it can provide your subject with closer and more uniform light, you can use a separate stand to set up the camera, or if you are on the travel, you can connect the ring light to your phone and adjust brightness. If you are trying to save budget, it can often be the best choice.

 10 inch ring light

3. Soft Light Box

The soft light is used to illuminate the subject with indirect lighting. You can use a soft box to soften the light reflected on objects, or use black and silver umbrellas to enhance the light. Soft and uniform lighting is projected on the subject.


4. Natural light

Any natural light source can change the lighting of the scene. This may be an overhead light in the room, the light from the window illuminates your scene.


Taking into the quality, function and operation, it is very easy to set up, coupled with the excellent light effect of beautifying the skin, AIXPI ring light has become an indispensable lighting equipment for live broadcast online, beauty studios, wedding photography, and beauty selfies. And its powerful functions and convenient make the LED Ring Vlogging Video Light meet the lighting needs of indoor still life shooting and video micro movie recording.

 aixpi ring light kit

You can buy portable vlogging lighting kit from the official shop of AIXPI, or through Amazon and more online shop, with prices ranging from US$12 to US$100. Please look for the AIXPI logo on the packaging to make sure it is a genuine brand.


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