What Effect Using Ring Light Before and After?

Lighting can create atmosphere and style, but the role of fill light to create perfect skin is often overlooked. So what magical effect will there be before and after using ring lights in live streaming? Different combinations of light, illumination angle, brightness, and color temperature will produce different effects and functions. What effect using led ring light before and after?

led ring light before and after


Now beauty cameras, Photoshop, etc. can make selfies or photos more beautiful, but most software is not enough to meet our needs. In many cases, due to the problem of light, we will find that the photos we take are very dim, and the photo effects we want cannot be taken, so the fill ring light makes up for insufficient light.


Before and After Selfie Ring Light for Photography

Outdoor and indoor live broadcasts have very different lighting. If the light is not in place, it will affect the image effect. Professional photography ring light can be arranged according to light requirements. Ring light before and after pictures, it forms a dot or circle aperture effect, high brightness, soft light, standard 5500k color temperature, so that the color temperature of the captured picture effect is balanced. There is no color cast, no shadow, and the fill light effect are more uniform.


The built-in cold and warm light mode are easy to adjust, and do not need to rely on color changers to achieve the effect of light supplement. The integrated soft aperture makes the light more uniform, and the external soft cover makes the light softer and reduces the damage on the eyes. Making the shooting easier.


before and after selfie ring light


Add a color gentle mask to the flash to keep the color temperature of the flash light as consistent as possible with the color temperature of the LED ring light, so that a more uniform color temperature can be obtained on the subject


Main Light used for Shooting

The choice of the main lamp is generally to choose the cold light LED lamp. Generally, the main light between 60W-80W in a room of about 10 square meters is sufficient.


For the front fill light and auxiliary light, we need to choose the light that can adjust the light source, so that we can adjust the light source according to the needs of different shooting objects, and it is easier to adjust to the most satisfactory lighting.


main light used for shooting


The fill light should illuminate the wall facing the front of the anchor in the reverse direction, so as to create a diffuse reflection effect. When creating soft light, we usually use reflectors, especially in the front fill light source. The use of reflectors will usually make your skin look more comfortable.


Create Perfect Photos with LED Ring Light Before and After

Warm and Cool Lights

There are also two choices of warm light and cold light in the basic lighting.

The main light is cold light and the auxiliary light is warm light. The warm light created by the effect of the two sets of fill lights will make the object look closer to the natural skin, and the warm light will also make the eyes more comfortable.


warm and cool lights


When the light is very dark, you must turn on the indoor lights (cold lighting equipment). Most of the lights in the room are turned on first to achieve a spacious and bright scene, and the light remains stable and evenly distributed. Therefore, the object needs to desk lamp or ceiling light.


Using LED Selfie Ring Light

3-in-1 Live Streaming Fill Light: mobile phone holder, desktop tripod, ring light

The fill ring light has a large circle, long irradiation distance, large number of LED lamp beads.


3 Light Mode: white, warm, yellow, three-color switch to change the mode as you like.

Multi-level adjustment of the light: beautify the face as you like.


3 color mode


Universal Adjustment: The bracket is universally adjusted, the universal mini ball head is linked, and it can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for 360 degrees. The universal hose can be adjusted at will to stabilize the support of the phone holder.


Lighting: Use a USB port to connect to the power supply, and it can also be used for night lighting, three-speed colour adjustment, work, study, and shooting.


Most of the LED ring lights do not become hot when the power is turned on. They can be used for portrait photography, making your photos more colourful and interesting.


10" Ring Light for YouTube Video

Nowadays, many live streaming applications can add filters to record colourful photos and videos, and the pure light can sometimes be a bit monotonous. Full-colour, portable, easy-to-handle, and multi-function fill light will be very convenient.


10 inch ring light for youtube video


The outer packaging of the desktop ring fill light is made of high-density nylon material, which is a high-tenacity protective fabric. The accessories are well fixed in the corresponding card slot, so whether it is express delivery or travel, the internal accessories can be safely protected. In addition to the ring light, there are 2 universal mini ball head, power cord, tripod and instruction manual. Both the front of the package and the back of the ring light have the AIXPI Logo.


The ring light main body is black, and the design is very simple. There is a non-slip design around the fill light, and the frosted grip is very firm. The weight of less than 500g also gives it portability.

aixpi ring light main body


3 blue buttons and 1 red button to turn on and turn off the ring light. The blue button is used to adjust the light, and the switch button is used to change the light MODE (color temperature). The "-" button means to reduce the brightness, and "+" means to increase the brightness.


conversion mode


The LED Ring Selfie Light is a very cost-effective and playable fill light. It can provide photographers with high-quality adjustable light when shooting at medium and close distances. Compared with the instantaneous "lighting" of the flash, the fill light can provide continuous and stable light support and is better to control than the flash, so it is easier to create more stunning or emotional photos.

 ring selfie light for live streaming


Do ring lights make you look better? The ring light is suitable for selfies and can also be used for video blogs. You can see that your image seems very eye-catching using after selfie ring light. Of course, they won't make people beautiful, but the truth is that these lights can indeed take colour and composition to a higher level.


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