What Does Selfie Ring Light Do?

Ring lights have been used by photographers and social media stars to improve faces. They reduce surface shadows and provide a more uniform lighting. The LED ring light produces more colorful light, and the color temperature can be adjusted according to environmental. What is ring light used for?


what is ring light used for


As an Ordinary Light Source

Ring lights are for macro photography, just like soft light for portraits. The circle structure of the ring light makes it a light source with a "self-contained soft box". When shooting portraits, the ring light can provide all-round lighting conditions without blind spots and eliminate shadows. Coupled with some auxiliary lights in other directions to increase the three-dimensional effect, a perfect selfie is ready to appear.


As a Supplementary Light Source

In addition to acting as a "normal" main light, the ring light can also be used as a filling light source, mixed with other studio light such as flash lights.

Compared with the "normal" filled light, the fill light effect of the ring light will be softer, similar to the effect of a large soft box.


fill light source


In addition, when you need to change the color of the ring light, the color temperature adjustment of the ring light can also meet your needs. AIXPI ring light has 3 color temperature, warm light, cold light, and mixed light adjustment modes, which can be changed from 3200k~5500k.


Night Lighting

In a dark night, using the ring light as the night light, the center of the light is the brightest, and the outward brightness gradually decreases, which is quite sensational. As a table lamp or party atmosphere lamp, it will produce a wonderful lighting effect. Especially the ring light with RGB dimming mode, which can emit rainbow colors, will make you the focus of the party.

night light for party


Ring Light for Makeup Studio

The led ring light is based on a bright LED light source and a unique ring design. Not only can it bring a unique eye light, but also make the face more uniform light, more three-dimensional, and bring filling light to the skin, making the skin more appears fair. The ring light can produce up to 54000k of white daylight. This light source is very suitable for makeup scene, especially in cloudy days or when there is no natural light.


ring light for makeup


Ring Light for Live Sale Studio

The live ring light is designed with hot shoe holders and mini ball head for fixing the SLR camera or phone at the top and bottom central positions, which can be used to fix accessories such as makeup mirrors, mobile phones, and SLR cameras.


Add more possibilities to your live studio. The ring light comes with a USB charging port and can even be plugged into a portable power bank, so you can easily use it no matter where you are.

ring light live sale


Ring Light for Product Photography

If you are an online merchant, having beautiful product photos may bring you more fans. Investment product photography ring lights can definitely bring you more benefits.


If you do not have a professional photography team, and you are just one person or a team of several people, then you do not need to invest in professional photographers. A large LED ring light can help you complete exquisite product pictures. Of course, if you need more professional product pictures, it still needs professional photography skills. But using a ring light for product photography can definitely help you a lot in the early stages of your business.


ring light for product photography


Ring Light for Video Create

For video create: Photographers usually use ring lights in their lighting settings, usually in combination with other tools such as Softboxes, fill lights, or side lights. When shooting objects with a lot of movement, the ring light fixed on the front of the camera is helpful. If the subjects are not too far away, they will always be bright.

 ring light for video tutorial


Ring Light for Zoom Calls-Home Video Conference Star

The portability of the ring light using USB power allows it to plug into the laptop, so some people are starting to put the ring light on their desk for remote office zoom meetings. The ring light ring can be connected to any standard camera and smart phone, so it is very convenient to use it for Internet teleconferences.


What size ring light do you need for office meeting? According to the data we surveyed, AIXPI 10-inch dimmable ring light is the most suitable size for office desk. A ring light that is too large will take up too much space on the desk, and a ring light that is too small will have insufficient light, or it make the office look very uncoordinated.

 online conference


After waking up in the morning, I didn't have any makeup, and didn't look vigorous. My meeting room needs additional lighting, or give me enough lighting in a study without many windows. Ring light is the best tool for good lighting for network video calls.


aixpi ring light kit


Do I need a ring light? As we have already seen, ring lights are not only versatile, but also provide beautiful images. Ring lights have become a common light source in follow spot photography. AIXPI SHOP lets us look at more ring light kit options so that you can make a more informed decision.


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