The Best Ring Light for Makeup

If you are a makeup artist for taking photos or portraits, movies, then the best lighting is the condition you must have. Which is the best ring light for makeup artists?

The LED ring light has been specially designed to real-time video, selfies, beauty photography, portrait and makeup fill light, and how to make the lighting for makeup artists, Bloggers and YouTubers easier?


ring light for makeup artists


How to choose lighting for makeup?

Natural lighting is definitely the best. If it fails, use white light. No use yellow light, because it masks the mottle and the true colour of your painted face.


It is also important to make sure that the light is even when applying makeup, both sides of the face should be illuminated and not in shadow. Try to aim the light source directly at your face, not from the top or the side, which will create shadows.


LED Ring Light for Makeup Tutorials

LED ring light is a very good light for makeup, even in a room with insufficient light, it can make me perfect makeup. My favourite is that it is a small size and traveling takes up only a small space in the suitcase.


The ring light is a circle of luminous LED lamp beads, the light is very bright, even in a dark environment, it can still create a natural daylight situation. The brightness of the ring light hits in face, making the complexion look better.

makeup tutorials


The main function of the ring light for make-up is to increase the light around the makeup mirror to provide a convenient lighting condition for the girls who make up. The lighting should be placed directly in front of the face. If you put light above you, it will cast shadows and you may end up using more makeup than expected.


The effect of indoor makeup and the real environment

The colour temperature of commonly light sources is: 1930K for candlelight, 2760-2900K for tungsten lamp, 3000K for fluorescent lamp, 3200K or more for photography light, 5400K~5800K for sunny daylight, 6800K for cloudy daylight.


The colour temperature of the ring light is less than 3200k is warm light, 3200k~5000k is natural light, and greater than 5000k is cold light. The make-up ring light can adjust the colour temperature to avoid light deviation.


The LED ring light has 30 levels of brightness adjustment, supports the selection of colour temperature from 3200k~6000k, and can be changed for different makeup needs. Allows you to choose the right makeup lighting as you like, even in low-light indoors. When use for makeup, it is a fill light. Because of its adjustable lighting and tripod, it can be used as a lovely and warm night light and atmosphere light at night.

ring light as atmosphere light


How to Choose the Right LED Ring Light for Makeup?

1. Colour Temperature

Buy a LED ring lights have 3 modes of cold, warm, and yellow light with a total of 30 levels of brightness. If it is used in the bedroom, it can be adjusted to a warm colour mode to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. If it is used for makeup, adjust the light to a colour temperature close to the daylight environment. Lighting can be transformed for different makeup needs.


colour temperature


2. Colour Rendering Index

CRI is also called colour rendering index. The colour rendering index actually refers to the colour of LED lights. The matching of CRI also determines the lighting effect. Generally speaking, you can check the colour rendering index of the ring light in the parameters. The colour rendering index of most LED makeup ring lights is ≥83, and the colour rendering index of RGB ring lights is greater than 90.


ring light cri


3. Lumens

Lumen is a parameter that everyone is very familiar with. Lumen refers to the lighting index of the lamp. If the lumens are higher, its light source is stronger. The higher the lumens, the higher the energy consumption and long-term use of this kind is also harmful to the eyes. The lumen index of makeup lights is generally 1000LM, which is also the most suitable light for makeup lights through research.

 aixpi 10inch ring light

4. Brand

makeup ring light have gradually penetrated into social media and daily life use. If you buy a cheap and inferior ring light, the design and lighting design are unreasonable, which will cause a large deviation in colour temperature, affect the makeup effect, and even the lamp has only a short life, so we try to choose some well-known brands.

aixpi brand ring light


5. Price

LED Ring lights designed for professional photography generally have a more powerful dimming, and the price is more than a few hundred dollars. If you want to buy a ring light for makeup fill lighting, all you need is an economic makeup light. AIXPI Ring Light, a well-known ring light brand, ring light for makeup price is about US$20~60.



Where to Buy a Ring Light for Makeup

AIXPI ring lights, they are very cost-effective and can be easily purchased on Amazon and online. As a LED ring light for makeup online and live stream, we have top rankings on Amazon and Google Shopping. All ring lights of AIXPI have colour temperature settings, and use USB port to charge, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor. If you are outside in bad conditions, then you only need a power bank.



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