The Best Reasonably Priced Ring Light

The ring light is a simple tool that can provide professional lighting in photos and videos. The ring light provides a uniform lighting for photos and videos and it was loved by live streaming workers, YouTuber and photographers. How to choose a budget ring light for streaming? This article recommends LED ring lights suitable for your working environments.

budget ring light

1. AIXPI Desktop 10" LED Ring Light

This desktop ring light can be easily rotated and placed at any angle. It is bundled with a phone clip and a tripod, which is very useful and easy to use. In the centre of the ring, place a mobile phone, let the soft light evenly illuminate your face, and call out a beautiful skin. It is the best affordable ring light for YouTube.

aixpi desktop led ring light

Adjustable and rotatable lights provide three different lighting modes and charge through the USB port, so you don’t need to worry about carrying outdoor. Only a power bank or laptop is needed to provide power for the ring light. For selfie fill light, videos and beginner in photography, it is so economic.


2. Neewer 18" Dimmable Ring Light

If you want to use Neewer dimmable ring lights for professional photography or video blogs, it is definitely worth buying. In addition to high-quality LED ring light (ideal for indoor and outdoor use), the kit is also equipped with white and orange filters, a 1/4” Screw Tripod Mini Ball Head and a tripod with safety lock.

neewer 18 inch dimmable ring light

The product has an 18-inch diameter ring light and is ideal for large spaces and photography that require enough lighting. It can place a mobile phone or DSLR camera in the center, and is made of standard threaded ball heads and can be mounted on any camera tripod. Finally, its stand can be adjusted from 36.2 inches to 78.7 inches, so you can place it on the floor. It is one of the professional photography lighting devices. If you are just a beginner or just want to buy a light to practice photography fill light, then it is not your best choice.


3. 6" Desktop Ring Light with Tripod for Makeup

The newest ring light, 6-inch dimmable ring light, is perfect for my desktop makeup. I like that it has 3 light modes, and the brightness of each mode is adjustable. With 2 tripod and mobile phone clip for YouTube video, selfie, makeup, mini desktop ring light. No need to buy an adapter, the USB port can be used to connect such as USB chargers, power banks, computer USB and laptops. You will be able to free enjoy LED ring lights at any time!

6 inch desktop ring light

4. Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket

I like it because it is small and has different modes. 3 colors lighting mode: white, warm and warm white. Each lighting mode has 10 adjustable brightness, it can meet your different needs.

I can hang it on the table or on the bed. I've been using it for about $20 for a high-quality ring light without any problems. The 2-in-1 selfie ring light with mobile phone holder can be folded anywhere, can be rotated 360 degrees, and the angle can be adjusted. The sturdy clip base can be clipped to tables and beds. Whether it is used as a mobile phone stand, night light, a table lamp, or a makeup light, travel makeup lights have unique advantages.

ring light with phone lazy bracket

5. SG11 Selfie Ring Light

If you are looking for a cheap ring light for selfies, then the SG11 selfie ring light will solve the problem. It costs less than $5 and it is one of the most affordable options on the market. Can be clipped on top of a mobile phone, tablet or computer.


With 36 LED lamp beads, they are controlled by touch sensor switches. Press the button once for dim light, press twice for mid-level lighting, and press three times for super bright spotlights. Its internal battery can be charged via USB. Looping between light settings is intuitive and simple. And its rechargeable built-in battery has a powerful ability, single charge can work continuously for more than 7 hours.

sg11 selfie ring light

You can buy the best cheap ring light for live from the AIXPI online store or Amazon. Ring lights ranging from $12 to $100 meet your various needs. Therefore, whether you are a professional live worker, photography or a simple selfie lighting solution, please continue to read the above product reviews to obtain the best ring lighting equipment.


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