The Best Illuminated Reading Magnifier

Compared with the magnifying glass, the AIXPI reading magnifier with light has a wide view and a strong anti-drop. It has a soft light and can be used as a night light in the evening. The novel colour design is unique. 

The AIXPI LED light magnifier is very convenient to use, just move the magnifying glass to the appropriate position to see the enlarged text. The following is a detailed introduction to the best magnifying glass for reading.

 magnifying glass for reading


Development of the magnifying glass:

With the development of modern science and technology and the reform of design concepts, the magnifying glass has gradually broken through its traditional style. Whether it is shape, practical function or value, it is no longer limited to traditional.


The AXIPI reading magnifier uses a handheld illuminated design to achieve, light source assistance, changing focal length and ease of movement, greatly enhancing the elderly reading. The super-large lens provides 30x variable optical magnification, to magnify an newspaper and page without the glare or hotspots that strain your eyes. 


LED light as an auxiliary light source, is the difference between with a new magnifying glass and traditional magnifying glass. Most of the middle-aged and elderly people's visual deterioration is not only manifested of invisible, but also in the problem of weakening the sensitivity of the eye.

Reading magnifier with light greatly expands the magnifying glass usage scene and enhances the experience.


Magnifier vs reading glasses:

Magnifying glass is mainly to enlarge the object to make people see more clearly, not to correct vision. Ordinary people can use a magnifying glass to see subtle things. The reading glasses are configured according to the different diopter of the individual eyeballs, so that the image of the object can image on the retina of the eye to achieve the purpose of seeing the object.


Both the magnifying glass and the reading glasses are convex lenses. If the magnifying glass is converted into the reading glasses, it is equivalent to 1000-2000 degrees, which is obviously not suitable for long-time use. If you use a magnifying glass instead of reading glasses for a long time, it will cause sore eyes, swelling, headache and so on. Therefore, the magnifying glass has a special use scene such as Seniors Reading, Soldering, Inspection, Coins, Jewelry, Exploring and cannot replace the reading glasses.


How to use Magnifying Glass with LED light?

①Place the magnifying glass on the object, then slowly remove it until the contents of the reading appear the clearest and the surrounding image is not deformed.

②Keep the proper distance between the magnifying glass and the object and move them together to select the most satisfactory field of view.

how to use magnifier

③ The most difficult thing to read is that the mirror is unstable and causes visual fatigue. You can place the mirrored hand on the reading object or hold the mirror arm against the table.

④Adjust the position of the light source to prevent the shadow of the body and the magnifying glass from obscuring the object.


Advantages of AIXPI magnifying loupe with led light:

1. Novel and exquisite: Smooth ABS material surface and Large Lens Diameter 3.15inch, built-in 12 LED high-brightness light source, not affected by ambient light, the overall feeling is distinguished and comfortable.

 advantages of magnifying loupe

2. Original design: LED lights adopt a new switch, which is novel and unique, easy to use, so that users have a good psychological experience.


3. Intimate and practical: about 30 times magnification visual, large field of view, to prevent fatigue of the hands.


4. Multiple functions: Not only suitable for reading newspapers, but also can be used for reading book and decorations, night can also be used as a night light.


5. The important role: Its biggest advantage is not like the U disk, mouse is generally suitable for young office workers. It has a strong exploratory nature, and it is ingenious and gives a strong impact. Many people of different ages are suitable.

AIXPI Magnifying Glass suitable for conference gifts, business gifts and other most powerful magnifying glass for the elderly reading, it is very suitable for small fonts on the coupons, prescription drugs, Books reading, Magazines, Soldering, Inspection, Coins, Jewelry, Hobby work, and Complex repairs. It is the best choice for most people with low vision or damage.

Not every illuminated magnifying glass is right for you. To choose the right magnifying glass for your job, you need to determine which tools to use in your job. Then determine the size and characteristics of the subject and analyze the surface characteristics. But strong magnifying glass for reading can help you do most these things.

AIXPI Magnifying Glass with LED Light:

1. Simple and practical, easy to carry, ergonomic design, elegant and comfortable, hand-held comfort.

2. A wide range of applications, such as the elderly, children, students, engineers, jeweller connoisseur and so on.

 where magnifying glass

 3. A variety of functions: suitable for field, as a flashlight simple lighting. It is a good helper for life, study, work and travel, but also a gift for friends and family. Applicable to commendation gift social groups, conferences, and important programs.

4. With LED lights (pure white light source), high brightness, light distribution, use without light restrictions, so that the observation is clearer.

5. Easy big-button on/off operation.


Why Choose AIXPI Magnifying Glass:

  • 30X magnification: Powerful to see the small print.
  • 12 LED lights: See better, protect eyes, perfect for night reading.
  • 2 pcs AA battery powered: Easy use.
  • Portable: Easy to take with travel.

 aixpi magnifying glass

Whether it is for jewelry or reading, the handheld LED magnifier can greatly improve the lack of light source during the use process. It is best to choose a handheld magnifying glass with a stable circuit. This ensures a consistently stable light source and long usage times.

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