The Benefits of Using Ring Light

The new LED ring light is a fill light, which can ensure that the picture is clear and bright in dim conditions. When shooting outdoors, the ring light can also be used as an auxiliary light. Special effects can also be arranged according to the photographer. What are the advantages of using a ring light?

benefits of using ring ligh


A ring flash is a group of lights mounted in front of the lens. When the camera takes a picture for exposure, multiple flashes will act at the same time, becoming the main light source for photography, and it is easier for us to obtain a uniform photographic effect.

Ring Light vs Flash Light

Lighting, the LED ring light is always on light, and the flash light can emit strong light in a short period of time to make up the light instantly.

In terms of appearance, the led ring light is composed of rows of lamp beads, which is a large luminous matrix, and the bulb of the flash light has only one lamp tube.

When shooting, the LED ring light is always on, and it will stay on unless it is not powered. The flash light is instantaneous. Only the moment of shooting will flash bling bling, and fill the light at the moment of shooting.

In terms of lighting area, although the LED ring light has a relatively large light emitting matrix, the area and brightness of the LED ring light are limited, so the larger the flat plate of the LED light, the more beads, the brighter.

The brightness of the flash light, if it is counted in an instant, it is much brighter than the LED ring light and the irradiation area is also much larger. This is because the two types of lights have different structures.

Benefits for Ring Light & Flash Light:

The led ring light is a continuous light source, and the flash light is not continuous.

The led ring light can be used as an auxiliary light source for shooting, but when shooting larger scenes (such as multi-person or wide-angle shooting of large scenes), the ring light will be slightly inferior, and it is recommended to use a flash light.


Photographing is an instant art. If a photographer with a low budget recommends buying a flash, for better shooting results, the price of led ring lights is not cheap, and you may need to buy multiple ring lights for the lighting layout of the photo scene.

If you like to play video shooting, it is recommended to buy led ring lights. Its continuous lighting feature will make the video you shoot full of light, and you don't need to worry about the lighting problem of video scene and angle switching.

How to Choose Fill Light?

The flash is small and easy to carry. In any case, the shooting scene is instantly lit.

Disadvantages: Requires photographer arrange lighting. When shooting, the flash should never face the subject, otherwise the light will be very hard, bright and dark, and unnatural. Generally, when using a flash, which is to flash against the side or the top wall, and then illuminate the subject through the reflected light from the wall.

The ring light benefits is that it is always bright, and it will be easier to grasp the shooting picture. The fill light can have a dual colour temperature adjustment function, which will have a certain impact on the colour tone atmosphere of the camera. The light emitted by the fill light is soft and full, which is more natural. If you use a flash, you need some experience to grasp the lighting problem.

ring light for shooting

Cons.: For consideration of portability, the selfie ring light is inconvenient to carry and requires power to work. The circle lamp body is large. In terms of brightness, ring lights are usually less bright than flash lights.

The Best AIXPI LED Ring Fill Light:

1. Easy to Use

Even if you have no experience in photography lighting, it is also easy to operate.

2. The Light Quality is Softer

In terms of light quality, the brightness of the light source can be adjusted at any time. AIXPI LED ring light has 30 levels of brightness adjustment. You always can choose the best light for the scene.

30 levels of brightness

The light source of the fill light is softer than the flash, and there is no need to add a diffuser and soft umbrella light accessories when shooting. The flash light source has a large output power, and the light is hard light. Therefore, in portrait shooting, the flash light often flashing, which may affect children's eyes.

3. Focusing in Dim Light

In dark environments, the use of fill light can increase the brightness of the ambient light by continuously filling the light, making it easier for the camera to complete the focusing.

4. Multiple Colour Temperature

3 mode of colour temperature of ring fill light can increase the effect of shooting.

However, for objects that require high-light photography, such as reflectors, using flash light photography can avoid clutter and flare on the product surface, such as shooting a tea cup.

3 colour temperature


In terms of still object shooting, the flash light is too hard. Generally, a softer light is used as the LED fill light. Because the ring light illuminates from all directions, the light quality is soft. Led fill light can clearly show the details, and at the same time can control the depth of field, so that the picture is full of layers.


The fill light and flash light have mutual advantages, and the photographer should choose the most suitable photography lamp according to his own shooting needs. Our advice is: for beginner photographer and enthusiast, led ring light is the ideal choice, because it is easy to use, the cost is not high, and the applicability is strong.

aixpi ring light

For professional studio photographers, the combination of studio high-power flash light with dual colour temperature led ring fill light is the best combination.

The above is about ring light vs ring flash light. For professional portraits like in magazines, buy led ring lights from AIXPI that fit your budget and shooting. You will soon be surprised by your beautiful pictures!


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