How to Use Ring Light to Make Videos

The first time you use the ring light to create video, you may be a bit confused. Just like anything else, it takes some time to find accurate answers. This article guides you how to use a ring light for video?


use ring light for video

Ring Light lighting for video

Photography preparation

Whether you are going to take a photo or video live streaming, choose a location in advance and consider the effect of natural light entering the studio through the window.


Prepare a reflector

By increasing the light-emitting area to obtain soft surface light.

According to the live needs, you can choose Softbox, reflective umbrella or umbrellas Kit cover as an accessory to soften the light.


You can use foil or card paper for soft light in front of the light source, or you can shine the light on the foam board and bounce it back to the character's face.


Buy Ring Light for Live Streaming

Buy fill light ring lights for live streaming at AIXPI. The biggest feature of the ring selfie fill light is to enhance the shooting effect. Its structure is necessarily ring-shaped, and there can be a mobile phone clip to hold the mobile phone for live broadcast, which is very convenient.

buy ring light

The ring selfie light has three brightness adjustments, which can be adjusted according to needs and different scenes. Compared with the ordinary fill light, the ring-shaped light has a larger light emitting surface, and if there are some soft light devices, the light will make the subject more charming when using a ring light.


Step 1: Place the Main Ring Light

The main light is usually called the key light, and its position depends on the effect you are looking for. However, the main ring light is generally placed on the side of the main body at a 45° angle to the main body, and its horizontal position is usually two or three feet higher than the camera.


Place the main light on the right side of the main body and make a 45° angle with the main body. This is just one possible position. Different lighting arrangements will produce different effects. In the actual placement, you can choose several alternative positions, test the lighting, and choose your favourite lighting effect.


Step 2: Add Auxiliary Lights

After placing the main light, it depends on whether you need it and the economic situation, because you have to buy at least 2 ring light.


The main light should dominate, which determines the basic tone of shadows and highlights.

One of the reasons for adding auxiliary lights is that shadows usually look darker in the photo than they are seen with the eyes. Auxiliary lights can make the photo more natural.


When placing the auxiliary ring light, make sure that it does not project the camera's shadow into the picture. Keep the ring light higher than the camera, or position it on the side of the camera. If you place the light next to the camera, its position should be opposite to the main light.


The auxiliary light should be far away from the subject being photographed. You can determine the position of the auxiliary light according to the different affects you want to create. Slowly move the auxiliary lamp backwards while observing the effect it projects on the shape under the main ring light illumination, and then choose the location you are most satisfied with.


Step 3: Tripod to Stabilize the Camera

If you have no enough budget for a camera tripod, please find a shelf to place the camera to stabilize it. If you want a camera tripod, just search for "tripod" on Amazon, and you can get it for less than $20~30. But when you buy AIXPI ring lights for photography, you don't need to buy an additional tripod. Our ring lights are with tripods and mobile phone brackets, which can easily fix ring lights, mobile phones, and mobile devices such as iPad.

How to Install AIXPI 10" LED Ring Light Tripod?

ring light tripod


Step 4: Choose the Colour Temperature

Depending on the mode and brightness adjustment, the ring light may "cool" or "warm". According to the different subjects, through brightness and mode conversion to find the most suitable colors temperature. You can adjust the colors temperature with just click the conversion button, from warm to cold, which is the main difference between 3 modes of lighting.

 colour temperature

It is best not to mix light with different colors temperatures. If one ring light uses cold light and the other uses warm light, it may result in incorrect colors balance.


Buy Ring Light for Video Conferencing

AIXPI provides in a variety of sizes LED ring lights with 30 colors temperature to focus on providing live broadcasters with high-quality lighting effects and creating the most popular KOL live room. Our product includes live broadcast ring lights, brackets, tripod and many other live streaming ring light accessories. Whether it is only ring light or a triangular bracket for camera, a standard 1/4-inch tripod threaded rod is provided, and you can match a single unit or kit to meet your live streaming studio needs.

aixpi ring light accessories



For video live, the lighting position should be reasonably arranged or the video picture should be improved by changing one's position. Because it uses indoor artificial light, it is easier to control the light source. The above is the easiest way to use AIXPI ring light for video recording, suitable for live beginners’ guides.


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