How to Clean Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glass is a simple visual optic used to observe tiny object. It is composed of a lens and a handle. The material of the lens and lens handle may be different. Correctly understanding the materials of different parts of the illuminated magnifying glass will help you better to clean a scratched magnifier glass.


Magnifying Glass Lens:

The traditional magnifying lens is glass, which is economical, but slightly heavier. More valuable can be some rare ore, such as: ruby, black ruby, sapphire, agate, pink crystal and so on.

Magnifying Glass Handle:

Solid, glass, or even mercury, it can be used as the raw material of the lens handle, such as glass, plastic, metal (including gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc.) or wood.


Whether it is a glass magnifying lens, or a metal handle made of metal, plastic, or wood. Before you buy a magnifying glass, knowing the materials will help you choose the most suitable magnifying glass for your needs.

Illuminated Lighted Magnifier Maintenance:

Magnifying glass is a kind of convex lens. The cleaning of the glass surface is very simple: blow it with compressed gas, wipe it with a special soft cloth or deerskin, or wipe it with absolute alcohol.

Avoid cleaning the magnifier with hard objects to prevent scratching.

When using a magnifying glass, we should avoid contacting the lens with gems or clips. When there is dust on the surface of the lens body, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

In addition, always check the screws that secure the lens body to prevent the lenses from loosening and rubbing against each other.


Cleaning and Maintenance of Magnifying Glass:

1. Place it properly

If the glasses are placed on a table, do not allow the convex surface of the lens to come into contact with a sharp object on the table to prevent the lens from scratching.

Do not place the magnifying glasses in direct sunlight or on a heating bag to prevent deformation and discoloration of the lens and handle.

Avoid placing the mirror in direct sunlight to prevent fire caused by the light-gathering effect of the lens.

When not in use for a long time, it should be stored in the box.


 2. Lens cleaning

Convex lenses should be cleaned regularly to maintain good sharpness.

If there is small spot, wipe it with a soft paper towel or lens cloth.

The lens is stained with dirt that cannot be easily wiped off. Rinse with water first.

If it is stained with oil, you can use the detergent to remove it, wash it with water, and then wipe it with a soft paper towel or glasses cloth.

Do not scratch with sharp objects.

When cleaning the glass lens surface, be sure to use a clean special lens cleaning cloth, and move gently.


 3. Lens handle maintenance

The lens handle should avoid contact with organic solvents, and avoid contact with high temperature and fire.


4. Do not place in hot places



1. Do not expose the magnifying glass to the sun and do not use your eyes to focus to avoid burning your eyes.

2. Do not place flammable items under the focus when the sun.



How to remove scratches on a magnifying glass:

1. Wash both sides of the magnifying glass with water. Dry both sides with a soft cloth. Use cloth edges around the inner edges of both sides of the glass plate to remove liquid.

2. Spray scratched lens cleaner on the side of the magnifying glass. Wipe the glass, including the inner edges, and dry it with a soft cloth.

3. Put the towel on the table. Place the magnifying glass on the abraded towel with the lens scratches facing up.

4. Place one end of the non-abrasive toothpaste tube against the glass until the scratched side. As you drag it across the scratch, press and hold the tube to dispense toothpaste.

5. At the end of the scratch, lean the edge of a soft cloth against the glass. As you drag the fabric down the other end of the scratch, press and hold the edge. When doing this, rotate the fabric in a small circular motion.

6. Remove the cloth and inspect the glass to see if there are no more scratches.


What does an Illuminated Lighted Magnifier can do?

A 30x magnifying glass is an indispensable tool for identifying gemstones. The function of the 30x magnifier is mainly to magnify the diamond, which is convenient for us to observe the color, cut, impurities and so on of the diamond with the naked eye.


For the elderly to read, it can easily solve the poor vision of the elderly and difficult to read. And the lighted magnifying glass can keep the light in the dim environment, helping to read, identify gems, stamps, calligraphy and painting, coins and welding.



Composition of a 30x magnifying glass:

A 30x magnifying glass is composed of three lenses. A qualified 30x magnifying glass have high definition. Now you only need to spend 15 US dollars to get the AIXPI high quality illuminated magnifier. AIXPI is the best seller of illuminated lighted magnifier, offering a year of after-sales service. From product design, materials and workmanship, you can all enjoy the top magnifying glass experience.



How to use 30x magnifier?

How to use the 30x magnifying glass: Hold the magnifying glass with one hand and place it close to the front of one eye. Hold the jewelry holder with your forefinger and thumb in the other hand (for bare stones, use gem tweezers) and get close to the magnifying glass until the eye can clearly see the gem. For loose diamonds, carefully clamp them with tweezers to prevent falling.


The above are tips to remove scratches from magnifying glass of the 30x magnifying glass for macular Degeneration, Seniors Reading, Soldering, Inspection, Coins, Jewelry, Exploring. AIXPI provides wholesale brand magnifying Glass, you can get brand wholesale prices and customized. Please contact us and tell us your needs.


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