How to Choose the Best Video Tripod in 2020

If you are just a photographer enthusiast, a camera tripod is optional. But if you want to make your photography more professional, or like to do live video, then it is still necessary to buy a tripod. It can fix mobile phones, cameras for you, and can also help you fixing live light equipment such as fill lights, reflectors, microphones and so on. This article introduces the best tripod for camera and video to help you choose the best tripod.


best tripod for camera



What material tripod to choose? At present, the most common tripod materials are aluminium alloy and carbon fiber, and others include steel, wood, synthetic materials (plastics) and so on. Material affects weight and sturdiness.


The stability of the tripod is related to the weight. Carbon fiber is inherently lightweight, but lightweight often means instability.


Aluminium alloy and carbon fiber tripods have a large price difference. Choose carbon fiber products if you often carry them outdoor, and choose aluminium alloy products if you don't carry tripod outdoor. Of course, if you pay attention to portability and stability at the same time, hang the camera bag on the tripod to play a stable role.


Branches Number

Difficulty of carrying and folding

Common tripod specifications are generally 3/4, or 4/5, it is best to choose one of the two.


Fewer branches means it is easier to open and fold, and the stand is more stable. Tripod for more branches means that it takes more time to unfold and fold, and the bracket is sometimes not stable enough. Therefore, we can see that the tripod for travel, outdoor and other purposes are mainly promoted by multiple branches because it will portable, while the tripods for heavy equipment tend to have fewer branches. The general storage length of tripod 30cm to 40cm are convenient storage in the backpack.

 tripod branches number

Tripod Fixing

The fixing of the tripod section is generally divided into 2 types, trigger and screw. The biggest advantage of the trigger-type fixing compared to the screw-type fixing is the fast installation speed. Of course, the shortcomings of the trigger-type fixing are obvious. The biggest problem is that the trigger-type tripod will loosen after frequent use and lose the fixed effect.

 tripod fixing form

The advantages of screw fixing are also obvious. On the one hand, the fixing is stronger than the trigger type, and it will not become loose after long-term use. However, the screw-type fixing tripod also has a big problem that it takes more time to open and fold.


Axis Adjustment Height

The ordinary centre axis is a lever, which controls the height and locks it manually. Of course, because this design cannot achieve more precise height adjustment, some tripods can adjust the height more accurately by using the cogged central axis. Of course, the tripod price is relatively higher.

axis adjustment height

If you equip your phone with a tripod for shooting, then you need to buy a mobile clip. This is a cheap tripod accessory, but it can bring your phone more combinations.


Buy the AIXPI Ring Light Accessories Tripod

If you want to create a well-lighting live broadcast studio, in addition to buying a ring light with a tripod fix the ring light with a 1/4 screw interface to a tripod. A tripod can complete the collection of mobile phones and fill lights, creating the simplest beauty makeup studio.


If you do not have a tripod for live streaming, please purchase the cheapest aluminium tripod with integrated head for less than $20. Why I recommend AIXPI the most popular tripod. You may end up doing other types of photography that do not require a tripod, and gradually try to become an excellent landscape photographer or professional blogger. AIXPI cheap and easy to use tripod will provide you with enough information to understand the true role of the tripod in photography.

tripod with ring light



1. Mobile phone camera tripod photo frame anchor live broadcast tripod +Bluetooth.

2. Get the Perfect Angle - Adjustable legs help to capture clean shots from any angle even in the move. This is your best choice.

3. Stable on Any Surface - Made of very strong durable foam and plastic, the ball head and no-slip feet make positioning and straightening devices easy.

4. Universal Compatibility - Works well with smartphones, digital cameras, GoPro and webcams up to 5.5 inches wide.

5. Ideal for live studio, group photos & wide-angle views.



- The unique design allows you to secure your phone and camera.

- Carry it everywhere and shoot perfect pictures and exciting videos that will last a life.

- Interface is the universal screw that fits most cameras.



- As phone tripod, mini camera tripod and as GoPro tripod.

- Used on any floor, around a pole, or even hanging from a tree branch that you can reach.


All in all, a best tripod for heavy lenses make you more willing to take it out, and will help you take better photos and videos. Visit us and get more AIXPI tripod with ring light.


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