How to Choose the Best Ring Light 2020

Fill ring lights are becoming more and more popular in live streaming. Whether it's life selfies, professional product shooting or the current popular live video vlog, a best ring light for streaming is an indispensable equipment for shooting. This article summarizes the precautions for buying the best ring light and tripod to guide you how to purchase LED ring lights?

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Buy the Best Ring Lights for Creators 2020

Color Temperature

When choosing the best ring light for YouTube video, the color temperature selection is also one of the important considerations. Most ring lights have a 3-color mode that can adjust the color temperature between 3200k-5600k. Users only need to use the knob to easily switch between different color temperatures during shooting, making it easier to create high-quality photographic works. This means that you only need to buy one ring light to complete the fill lighting. The color temperature of the live studio is adjustable, which can create different environments and adapt to changes in a variety of scenes. It has a very high cost performance.

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Heat Dissipation

When purchasing a fill ring light, users often ignore the importance of heat dissipation. Led bulbs will only produce very little heat when it is working, but the pattern design on the back of the ring light can still reflect the manufacturer's ultimate pursuit of ring light performance.


The AIXPI 10 inch beautifying ring light has a unique texture design patent on the back. The ABS material with excellent heat dissipation is used as the shell. The back of the ring lamp is designed with many cooling holes to consider the aesthetic design and reasonable heat dissipation.

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Number of LED Beads

The more the number of LED beads, the greater the power and the more saturated the color. AIXPI 10-inch ring lights use more than 120 high-brightness LED beads, which are several times the brightness of traditional tungsten filament lamps. Therefore, when purchasing a ring light, you must pay attention to the number and power of the LED bulbs. The specific parameters such as the number of LED beads and power of each ring light of AIXPI can be obtained on the product details page before purchasing. If you have any questions about LED beads, power, LM and other parameters, please feel free to contact AIXPI.


Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index (CRI) refers to the different colors of light irradiated on the same color object. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproduction of the light. The high-brightness LED lamp beads adopted by the AIXPI GRB ring light have a color rendering index of CRI≥92, which is close to perfecting the true color.



The size usually refers to the outer diameter of the ring light.

Large sized lights will produce a wide range of lighting. Therefore, if all conditions are the same, a larger ring light is more suitable for your large studio. Ring light common sizes on Amazon are 10 inches, 12 inches and 18 inches, and they all perform well. When you only want to use the ring light for desktop, makeup or close-up photography, it is best to use 10 inches ring light. If you have a budget or a larger outdoor photography, please buy an 18-inch ring light, because this will provide you with more flexibility and more perfect lighting.

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Removable Components

In order to meet different shooting needs, such as beauty makeup, shooting, live streaming, night light, etc., different photography accessories may be needed. It supports a variety of accessories, it depends on the design of the ring light. The AIXPI ring light is designed with a universal 1/4" screw, and the mobile phone holder is compatible with fixed mobile phones, SLR cameras and other accessories.

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The tripod can also be replaced with a desktop stand or a long floor stand according to needs to adapt to different work needs. The AIXPI ring light assembly is composed of a ring light, a mobile phone holder, 2 universal mini ball heads and a tripod. Any part of ring light can be replaced with what you need.


The Best Ring Light to Buy

Best Lighting: Ring Light VS Soft Box?

If you are shooting video or live streaming indoors, it is recommended to use ring fill light. Although the effect of the soft light box is good and professional, it is not convenient to install. The effect of the selfie ring light is not too bad, and it is small in size and can be operated in a small studio. If the space is relatively spacious, soft box are the first choice. But many personal live studios are in small spaces, and a relatively affordable ring light is the best choice.


Usually, the ring light will be used for close or medium distance shooting.

How to Use Ring Lights for Videos?

The light is installed on a shelf, usually in front of the object. Then place the camera in center of the ring light, or place it slightly away from the ring. The light seems to come from all directions around the camera lens. This produces a pleasant, shadow-free soft light.

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It is Easy to Use for any Beginner

1.Compared with other video ring light kit, the small size and light weight and easier to carry.

2. There are many choices of beauty ring light in diameter from 26CM to 45CM.

3. Multi brightness fill light, free adjustment of 3 color temperature.

4. The ring light will produce uniform, shadow less lighting, wrap it around the subject and help hide any skin imperfections.


Large size ring lights will always be softer and more flattering. But sometimes you don’t want to take a lot of light kits with you to take pictures.

The 10” AIXPI led ring light is a good choice. There is no need to worry too much about how to lighting, the AIXPI ring light will provide you with uniform soft light across the subject's face. The compact packaging and affordable price make it an ideal choice for any beginner, especially in the beauty and makeup.

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LED Ring light are easy to create flattering lights and interesting circular spotlights, making them popular among portrait photographers, video bloggers, and beauty influencers. When choosing a best ring light for video, you can get some help and reference from this post. Of course, it is more important to consider the actual situation of the user and choose the ring light suitable for you.



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