How to Choose the Best Live Video Streaming Equipment

With the rise of TikTok, FaceBook, YouTube live streaming. Whether it is as a career, hobby or a way for sharing life, live video blogger has become a new hobby for many people. What do i need to broadcast live video? Today I have a list for live broadcast equipment for beginner.

 live streaming quipment


The Ultimate Live Streaming Equipment List

Mobile Phone and Charger

In the mobile internet, most people watch live streaming through mobile phone, so mobile phones used for live broadcasts are essential. Especially for outdoor live blogger, mobile phones are generally used as the main live devices. The charger is also necessary, and can be charged when the power is exhausted.


Live Sound Card

Purchase a sound card specifically for mobile live streaming. The function is comprehensive, not only has various sound effects, can connect the external music input, the most basic function is to beautify your voice, the sound of singing and speaking will be more pleasant.


Professional Microphone for Live

A good microphone can help you. Not only can amplify your volume, but also you can have a good performance in language.


professional microphone

Best HD Camera for Streaming

The big advantage of HD camera is that it is clear, the details are restored well, and the face has more bright and dark details, which is more realistic and very visually impactful.


Ring Light for Live Streaming

Purchase 2 ring fill lights that can be used for live streaming, makeup, and taking photos. One is used as the main light, and the other is used as the auxiliary light. For how to set the ring light, you can refer to my article How to Use Ring Light to Make Videos

ring light for lighting

Ring lights are the most popular lighting options in live video, and they are essential for beauty and makeup artist.

The ring light emits a soft and even light across the entire face, minimizing shadows and helping the colors to be truly displayed on the display.


It can be used for portraits, life shooting, and live broadcasting. It supports switching between white light and yellow light without changing the color film. The color temperature can freely switch 30 level of brightness through a button to meet all needs of many scenes. Surprisingly, the perfect lighting effect, 10-inch ring light can illuminate your live studio completely.


aixpi 10 inch desktop ring light


AIXPI ring lights can complete multiple tasks, such as mobile phone holder, tripod. Most of the ring lights are with iPad & phone clips, so the ring light can meet the needs of lighting and mobile live broadcast at the same time.


Multifunctional Tripod for Ring Light Live Broadcasting

In shooting, we need to fix the camera with the help of a tripod. There are generally three types of commonly used tripods: tripods for desktops; outdoor telescopic tripods; handheld gimbals for mobile shooting.


In outdoor live or professional live studio, a tripod for ring light is essential. You can fix mobile devices such as mobile phones, cameras, fill ring lights, and microphones on the stand to create an integrated device for live studios.


tripod ring light


The tripod must ensure the quality, as well as the microphone stand, and it must be able to fix the lights and equipment well. If it is outdoor broadcasting, it must be equipped with a stabilizer. If you have two mobile phones, then we can also provide you with a perfect tripod with 2 mobile phone clips. The tripods AIXPI provide are universal 1/4 screws, which can dock with all standard interface SLR cameras, digital cameras, and ring lights.

 tripod with double phone holder



This guide can help you purchase equipment to build a professional live video studio. You can invest money to buy affordable equipment for beginners immediately. Once more functions are needed, the device can be upgraded at any time. If you need more professional live video streaming equipment, you can refer to the live streaming ring light top brand AIXPI, professional ring lights for live, ring light accessories, etc. can help you build a top live studio.


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