How to Choose the Best 10 inch Ring Light with Stand

The ring light can provide softer lighting to selfie, videos and live streaming. For fighters working from home, ring lights can create better images for Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime video conferences. The 18-inch light is too large and burden the desktop. The small ring light is too small and insufficient light. Personal makeup and meetings are very suitable to use 10 inch led ring light AIXPI. How to buy a cheap 10 inch ring light?

 10 inch ring light

Choose the Ring Light with Tripod that Suits You

Size: There are many sizes of ring lights. The size in the common ring light guide is between 6 and 14 inches. The larger the ring, the lighter it emits, so consider where you plan to create a video, photo or makeup. Ring Light tripod has a height of 20cm based on desktop use or a long tripod extending from 13.6" to 59", so whether you are standing or sitting, you can find the correct ring light stand height.

 ring light size


Colour Temperature: The colour temperature of the ring light greatly affects your appearance. "Cold" lights are whiter, and "warm" lights are light amber. Using colour temperature for playback can help you get photos that match your clothing, skin or desired aesthetics without any edit. The colour temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). The larger the colour temperature adjustment range, the wider the usable scene.


10-inch Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder with Hose

·        Provide sufficient lighting to illuminate your subject for a more three-dimensional appearance.

·        Make your selfies more attractive and distinctive.

·        The ring light will not wash off or change the contours of the face under uniform lighting conditions. These special "halos" in your eyes will immediately attract the audience's attention, making you more attractive.

 ring light with hose clamp

Three Color Mode:

Three color temperatures can be switched at will, dimming according to different environments to achieve suitable shooting effects.

Color temperature range: 3200k-6000k (three-color light adjustment)



Large color temperature adjustment range, dimming according to different scenes,

Strong stability,

Easy to store, easy to carry.


Touch Switch:

After the selfie ring light is turned on, touch the conversion button to change the light color, followed by three light modes: white light, warm light, and mixed light.


More Applicable:

/Video call/E-commerce product photography/Portrait shooting/Beauty makeup/Hair shooting


LED Lamp Beads:

LED Lamp Beads, 3300-6000K, ultra-wide color temperature, free replacement of cold and warm light, to meet your various shooting needs.


Hose Clamp:

The hose can be bent and adjusted at will, and the mobile phone clip has a stretched diameter of 8.5cm, which is compatible with almost all smartphones with or without casing.


The best ring light options for makeup tutorials:

AIXPI ring light can instantly enhance facial features under constant illumination. High color rendering index (CRI> 90) helps to show the true color of skin and cosmetics. With wireless remote shutter, you can now take the best selfies or group photos from 30 feet away.

 aixpi desktop ring light


And AIXPI brings the lowest 10 inch ring light price, you can get a desktop makeup ring light for only $19.9


10-Inch GRB Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand and Cell Phone Holder

If you only need to light up the Zoom conference, the 10-inch ring light mentioned above provides a simple solution for your standard ring light. However, the best ring lights can better control the color of the light. The 10-inch also provides 7 RGB color lighting modes, and each selected color includes 10 brightness. The kit is equipped with a Bluetooth camera remote control in the phone holder, which is fully compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

 10 inch rgb selfie ring light


10-inch ring light with 59-inch extendable tripod stand for YouTube videos

[Three Color Mode] Dimmable LED ring light with different brightness levels, it provides you the perfect brightness for real-time streaming selfies, camera, video, makeup, selfie photography.

 10 inch ring light with extendable tripod


[Adjustable Tripod] The stable tripod extends from 13.6 inches to 59 inches, and can be adjusted to any height as needed, short enough to stand on a table top, and high enough to fit your height.

[Large Ring Light] You can put your phone in the ring light to make full use of the ring light. The phone clip can be extended to 3.34 inches (8.5 cm), and it is compatible with most smartphones with or without protective sleeves.

[USB Power Supply] The USB port can be used to connect USB chargers, mobile power bank, computer hosts and laptops and other devices. You will be able to enjoy the LED ring light for free anytime!

[Bluetooth Remote Control] It comes with a Bluetooth remote control, so you don't even need to touch your phone to start video or selfie.


Broad Applicability:

It will provide the best lighting when you create YouTube video, live streaming, Facebook, etc. under dark light. Ring lights can provide better lighting and make your makeup more attractive.


Adjustable Tripod:

The bracket is designed with a telescopic rod, and the height can be adjusted freely. It can be extended from 13.6 inches to 59 inches, and you can stand it on the floor or put it on a table.



The tripod base design is both strong and stable. The adjustable lamp stand is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, and the soft tube makes the ring lamp freely rotate to the best position, which can meet your needs at any height and angle.


Bluetooth Remote Control:

It is equipped with a small remote control that can take photos/videos from 30 feet away. Via Bluetooth connection, it can be paired with a smartphone in a few seconds.


Easy to Disassemble and Install:

Replaceable accessories can help you distinguish AIXPI ring light from other. It comes with an adjustable tripod stand, Bluetooth shutter button, carrying case and standard camera mini ball head. If you are a personal studio that specializes in making videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook live or TikTok, then these accessories will make your work easier. According to the needs of different scenes, assemble the most suitable ring lights.

 ring light accessories


The fill ring light is simple to use, and has an excellent dimming and fill light function. It is a necessary fill light equipment for live streaming, makeup studios, wedding photography, and beauty selfies. And its powerful lighting and convenient operability make it fully meet the lighting needs of indoor still life shooting and video micro movie recording. Choose the AIXPI 10 inch led ring light that suits you best and start your makeup tutorial.


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