How to Buy Magnifying Glass

Magnifying glass is mainly to magnify objects to make people see more clearly. Elderly or jewelry, exploring researchers can observe tiny details with the help of a pocket magnifier or an illuminated Lighted Magnifier. This article teaches you how to buy high quality magnifying glass according to your needs?


Part 1: The type of magnifying glass

1. Ordinary magnifier for reading

This type of magnifying glass is our most common type. It is mainly suitable for the aged with poor vision or observing small objects. The characteristics of this type of magnifier are simple structure, usually composed of lens and handle, and the optical accuracy of the lens is low and the price is lower.


2. Portable magnifying glass

The portable magnifier can be regarded as a mini magnifier. In order to carry it with you, it usually adopts smaller diameter lenses and foldable storage. However, due to their small size, this type of magnifying glass has a limited field of view when observing objects, and its magnification is low.


3.Jewelry exploring magnifying glass

This type of Illuminated lighted magnifying glass has more optical accuracy and functionality than the others. It is usually used to exploring the Jewelry, Coins, Soldering and Inspection. The lens usually needs to be tested and certified by a professional department, and the magnification of this type of magnifier is higher, and the price is also the most expensive of the three types of magnifiers.

Part 2: Magnification of magnifying glass

The magnifying glass can be divided into several types according to magnification: 3 times, 5 times, 6 times, 8 times, 10 times, 20 times, 30 times, and higher. Some portable magnifiers also have multiple of magnification lens combinations, which are convenient for observing different objects with one magnifying glass. You should select according to your needs.

Part 3: Material of magnifying lens

1.Resin lenses

Resin lenses are a kind of synthetic material. These lenses have the advantages of light weight and cheap. Many magnifiers will use these lenses, but the disadvantage is that the resin is softer, and it is hard to be scratched by hard objects.


2. Glass lenses

Glass lenses are widely used because of their high light transmission, hard texture and high abrasion resistance. However, the disadvantage of glass lenses is the heavier quality, especially for larger magnifications. Holding the magnifying glass for a long time will put pressure on the hands.


3. Mineral lenses

Mineral lenses are often polished with high light transmission gems and crystals. Because of their high raw material costs, they are rarely used in ordinary magnifying glasses. Instead, they are used in professional magnifying glass to pursue the ultimate precision of lenses.

When buying a magnifying glass, the most important thing is to select the lens magnification according to your needs. Generally, the reading range is between 5Xand 10X, and the professional magnifying glass ranges from 8X to 30X or higher.


In terms of lens materials, glass lenses are the most widely used, with no impurities and no bubbles on the mirror surface.


Some tips to buy magnifying glass:

1) Be sure to check the lens are there scratches?

2) Place the magnifying glass on a piece of white paper and see if the lens adds some color. Then pick it up and inspect other objects, especially those with dark color.

The field of view through the magnifying glass should be clear without any internal reflections. Highlights should be clear and sharp without color streaks.


Part 4: Where can I buy magnifying glass for reading?

AIXPI Lighted Magnifying Glass:

ยท        The magnifying glass is ideal for low light settings and increased contrast.

If the viewing area is lit, it is usually not necessary to turn on the LED light.

A lighted magnifying glass helps with macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Multiple choices of magnification and 1~5 inches of lenses and LED bulbs.

Illuminated magnifiers are the most useful magnifiers for people with low vision.

Illuminated magnifiers are ideal for detailed industrial close-up inspections.

Increased lighting often makes reading easier and reduces eye strain.

You can have a larger field of view for easier reading. It is designed as a round to enlarge the field of view and comes with LED bulbs (LED magnifiers, illuminated lighted magnifiers) so that people can read and work in dark environments. With a plastic frame and handle, a lightweight magnifying glass, suitable for elderly and curious children.


Round 30X Handheld Illuminated Magnifier

Battery-powered round LED handheld magnifier with bifocal lens that provides 30x magnification and convenient ergonomic handle design. Illuminated magnifier, portable battery design, so you can read anytime, anywhere.


Lightweight Handheld Illuminated Magnifying Glass

You need a lightweight, powerful magnifier that has impeccable optics and is easy to use. Get the best magnifying glass for demanding tasks such as checking gems and crystals. In the wild, quickly explore what you are curious about. The cheap price of US$15, you dare to take it outdoors out because it is cheap.

Where to buy magnifying glass? AIXPI is the best LED illuminated Lighted seller on Amazon. You can contact us to get lower wholesale prices and more information about sales. We are committed to helping you better use and buy magnifying glass with light.


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