AIXPI Ring Light Production Process

The led ring light is mainly used for indoor lighting for makeup, photography, Lighting, etc. and is one of the main lighting products promoted by green lighting projects. This article is about AIXPI Brand how to produce ring lights?

 how to produce ring lights


Distinguish from color:

The color of the ring light has warm and cool colors, the warm color is softer, and the cool color is whiter.


Ring light buying guide:

When buying and replacing ring lights, pay attention to the following points:

1. Try to choose a well-known brand. The quality of those famous companies is good, both in terms of safety and performance.


2. Pay attention to the charging port. When consumers purchase ring lights for streaming, they can see the size identification of the package or the manual.


AIXPI ring light plugs use universal USB as the charging interface, which can be applied to the charging plug standard of any area. You only need to have one computer or mobile phone charger, so you don't have to worry about the power of the ring light.


3. When replacing the ring lighting light bulb, you should be properly disposed to prevent the lamp from breaking out of mercury and pollute the environment. All ring lights of AIXPI brand adopt LED bulb bead design, which not only has a long life, you don't need to worry about lamp replacement at all, and the environmental protection type of AIXPI LED lamp is your first choice.

 ring light buying guide


AIXPI led lights use clear requirements for performance standard in international standards. Mainly for the dimensions, starting characteristics, lamp voltage, lamp power, initial luminous flux, chromaticity tolerance, color rendering index and energy efficiency limit value of the ring light.


Product safety standard: AIXPI has 8 strict regulations on the safety performance of ring lights: such as signs, structure and assembly, lamp size, pin connection and connection keys, parts that may be accidentally leaky, heat, fire, lamp holder and so on.

AIXPI is dedicated to the R&D and manufacture of professional quality studio lighting ring lights. Applications for many environmental and scenes. We specialize in ring lights for video, as well as many other lights and accessories. Depending on the needs of your project, AIXPI offers a separate unit or kit to customize the production of ring lights for you.

 production process


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